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Street fruit in Saigon – Vietnam

Last week, one of our lucky team members tasted these interesting tropical fruits in the street of Saigon, Vietnam. Now, let’s vote; “Would you like to taste something like this at the Asia Street Food Festival this December?”. Some of our team members are pushing to have a free tropical fruit tasting session at the Festival. However, the answer depends …

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Let’s look at some of the must-try of street food across Asia

Xiaolongbao – Shanghai, China Xiaolongbao literally translated as “little buns in a steaming basket,” steam buns that burst a flavourful, juicy filling with every bite just like soup dumplings but in a deliciously wrapped basket dough. Pho – Hanoi, Vietnam A national iconic beef noodle soup with simple ingredients: noodles, meat (either chicken or beef), and garnishes (green onion, Thai …

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