asia oasis

Our Story


The Reason

Asia Oasis was established with an audacious vision: to bring Asia’s cultural experience to Australia in its authentic form through delicious food, arts and music.

The ultimate question is: “How can one best experience the authentic Asian cultures without being in, or travelling to, Asia?

Our initial theme is focused on bringing about the Asian delicious street food in a tropical oasis decor ambience to stimulate all of your senses right where we are in Australia.

Having travelled extensively, attended many festivals, tasted diverse dishes, and experienced various cultures and cuisines in Asia, the Asia Oasis team wants to bring Asia’s diverse cultures to Australia through the celebration of arts, music and food with the focus on authenticity. It is our goal to give you the opportunity to genuinely feel, taste, and experience a piece of Asia’s oasis.

The challenge was how to make this unique experience a reality right here in Australia. We believe the answer lies in our partnership with the right people.

We believe in fairness and partnership success therefore with the contribution of passionate, specialised, and dedicated food vendors, partners, we have the full confidence that together we can make this incredible experience possible. This “hideaway oasis” is an opportunity for the locals to truly taste and experience authentic Asian street food and celebrate our diverse cultures in a tropical decor ambience right in the heart of our city, starting from Adelaide.

It is going to be a series of events with different themes and locations emerging. Our first event will be held at the Pinky Flat over 3 nights from 16-18 December 2022. The highlight of this event will be focused on creating a tropical paradise right in the busy city centre, where Bali huts and bamboo structures are decorated with the famous, beautiful, and vibrant Hoi An’s lanterns throughout the entire event site.

The Asia Oasis team