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Valuable work experience – Development opportunities in event organising/planning

Do you have some experience in event management?

Would you like to further develop your skills or gain valuable experience in event planning/organising space?

Do you possess hands-on skills for construction works or other specialised tasks below?

If your answer is yes, you may be suitable for our Work Experience Training program.

We have various work experience opportunities across the business:

1. Event Management Assistance 

2. Performing Arts Program

3. Sponsorship Coordination

4. Community and Public Liaison

5. Administrative Assistance

6. Marketing on Social Media (FB, IG, Tiktok) 

7. Theme Building Management (infrastructure & building)

8. Stage Productions 

9. Volunteers Coordination

These positions require practical communication skills, time management skills, critical thinking skills, a growth mindset to learn and a commitment to excellence. 

The targeted Development areas are: 

1. Organisational skills

From coordinating with vendors and venues to managing the event budget and deadlines, overseeing the planning process and balancing all project elements.

2. Interpersonal skills

Effective conversationalists, excellent listeners and personable in their affairs with other people.

3. Communication skills

Written and verbal to communicate and connect with clients/vendors/contractors

Nonverbal and active listening – critical in reading and understanding other’s thoughts and feelings. 

4. Creativity skills

Creative thinking skills that can help transform ideas into reality and meet the goals of clients.  

Solve problems using creative and often last-minute solutions.

5. Critical thinking skills

Possesses critical thinking skills. Understands how to solve these types of issues and proactively design new solutions. 

More easily adapt to new or altered situations. 

6. Multitasking skills

Prioritisation, focus, and attention to detail.

7. Negotiation skills

Abilities that can help an event planner improve at negotiation include compromise, active listening and persuasion.

If you have hands-on skills and experience in these areas, or you are studying in these specialised fields and would like an opportunity to learn and further develop, then please send your CV along with two referees (and your work samples/links if available): 

If selected, you will be mentored/coached in your preferred area by an experienced & highly accomplished Asia Oasis Team Member(s). 

These positions require suitable candidates to dedicate 5 to 10 hours per week (and more during the festival period in October and December 2024). Some positions may require candidates in Melbourne and/or Adelaide to take the initiative. 

Applications close at 5pm on 17 May 2024.

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