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At Asia Oasis, our teams are dreamers and believers. We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the smallest details to match the specific theme so that Asia Oasis would become your truly “mini-oasis” where all your senses are stimulated to bring about that memorable experience. Naturally, we always look for partnerships that share similar beliefs and values to create mutually meaningful and beneficial relationships on this journey.

The Benefits

Since it will be “one of a kind” in Adelaide, this event is anticipated to attract around 50,000 patrons coming from all over Adelaide (not counting our interstates visitors).

That is why partnership in this event is a unique chance not to be missed. It will be a rare opportunity to showcase your brand through sponsorship of this event. We believe in fairness and supporting locals, thus creating an equal footing for those businesses with the same opportunity for everyone to get involved is far from remote of being chosen. We are more focused on achieving the final theme by having the right partners, associates and contributors.

Get Involved

You can become a partner by supplying your products, services or both, valued up to whatever your budget is set, or it could be purely sponsorship as an associate partner supporting us. These are the opportunities and general partnership info packages. If you have any specific needs/wants, please let us know so that we can endeavour to accommodate within our ability.

The Amazing Benefits

  • Public relations features
  • Mention in a special program
  • Logo on event program
  • Flyers/samples at the event
  • Banners in prominent places
  • Media coverage – online/offline

These opportunities include exposure, one-off mass marketing opportunities, sales leads, or even increase perceived corporate social responsibility.

Also those companies, whose values are aligned with ours will have the unique opportunity to partner with us on a longer term basis, in the future events (locally and interstates).

Our Promise

  • Brand exposure/visibility to high numbers of valuable/niche potential clients.
  • Expanding brand awareness and greater customer reach during the main stage programs.
  • Driving traffic to the clients’ websites via links/logos on high traffic host organisation website before and after the event.
  • We are more than just an event organiser. We are here to make strong, meaningful connections, create memorable experiences; celebrate our uniqueness together with mutual benefits. We are in this for the long haul and with your support and the support of our professional, dedicated and passionate team so you can be sure that the benefits do not stop at just the monetary gain but beyond just the one-off event.

Partnership Details

The below packages are designed as a general guide, should you have any ideas/suggestions or special needs to tailor to your needs, then we are open to further discussion to make sure the value is maximised.

Depending on your business needs and the relevant level of involvement, you may become our partners or major partners by choosing the below options:

  • Social media mentions & prints
  • Logo placement on all promotions
  • Main Program mentions
  • Banner display on prominent places
  • Naming rights to event
  • Preferential opportunity to future events
  • Recognition during main stage program
  • Website link
  • Promo features

The Next Steps

1) Select your partnership involvement.
2) Fill out the following IOE form below.
3) We will contact you for your branding details.

We appreciate your consideration.

The Asia Oasis team

Food Services

The Highlights

  • The Event will be held over 3 nights from 16-18 December 2022 at the Pinky Flat, overlooking the beautiful Torrens Riverbank (opposite Adelaide Oval).
  • Asia Oasis aims to bring a unique, memorable experience to the locals where you can taste and experience delicious food immersed in a tropical decor ambience right in the heart of Adelaide city.
  • To create and celebrate authentic street food in a relaxing and memorable “mini-holiday oasis” setting without the costly expenses and the hassles of travelling.
  • It will be the first and perhaps “one of a kind” in Australia where authentic, unique Asian cuisines in a tropical decor setting will create the feeling like you’re really in Asia holidaying in a hideaway oasis.
  • This event will be attractive to all since it is family-friendly and has lots of fun activities and unique cultural performances for the young and the “young at heart.”

The Benefits

As “one of a kind” in Adelaide, this event is expected to attract around 50,000 patrons from all over Adelaide (not counting our interstates visitors). This opportunity will provide a great exposure, mass marketing opportunities, sales leads, or increased perceived corporate social responsibility.

That is why becoming part of this event as a food/exhibition vendor is a true opportunity not to be missed to showcase your food, your brand. We believe in fairness and supporting locals thus it would be a privilege to create an equal footing for those local businesses and organisations to get involved.

We are more focused on achieving the final theme by having the right partners, associates, and contributors.

Also, those companies, organisations, or individuals whose values are aligned with ours will have the unique opportunity to partner with us on a longer-term basis in future events (locally and interstates).


  • Opportunity to celebrate and share your traditional dish with people from all backgrounds
  • Exposure to new customers (if you are a restaurant owner)
  • Increased brand reputation for being part of this unique Event
  • Great income with minimal preparation in terms of set up/pack down
  • Fundraising and meaningful activities for your organisation (or community groups)
  • Bonding time with your family and friends through cooking and selling at your stall (if family, social groups).

Space for food stalls is limited, and we want to handpick the most suitable and unique cuisines for this event.

Hence, to achieve this, there is a selection process. There will be two rounds, the first is opened from mid-April 2022 to 20 May 2022, and the second is from mid-July to 20 August 2022.

Please be advised that the sooner you take part in the selection process, the higher the chance you secure a spot and once successfully selected, you will have the priority to choose the stall size and location of your preference.

If you wish to participate in this fantastic opportunity, please spare a few minutes to complete this Expression of Interest (EOI

Any EOI completed by 20 May 2022 will be processed in the first intake; after that date, we will process it in the second intake.

If you have any questions, please contact us via:

We look forward to a successful partnership.


Please fill out this EOI if you would like to get involved as a volunteer to gain valuable experience to work closely with this unique, dedicated and passionate group of people.