asia oasis

Asia Street Food by the Sea
15th to 18th of February, 2024
11 am till late
Glenelg Foreshore - Jimmy Melrose Park

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Immerse yourself in the summer spirit at Asia Street Food Festival, running from Thursday the 15th to Sunday the 18th of February 2024, right by Adelaide’s coastal charm – Jimmy Melrose Park at the iconic Glenelg Foreshore!

AuthenticStreet Food
Experience more than 100 authentic Asian street dishes that have been passed down through generations and cherished by many.

Nostalgic and vibrant ambience 
Transport to the heart of Asia, beneath the enchanting glow of Hoi An lanterns and rustic Bali-style huts, all set against a gorgeous sunset. 

Cultural performances
And of course, it’s not a celebration without rhythm. While the food undoubtedly takes centre stage, the Asia Street Food Festival boasts a diverse line-up of local bands and performers. 

Timeless folk games 
Don’t just be a spectator – become an active participant! Engage timeless folk games and other exciting challenges.

It’s a celebration of culture in its most authentic form, a feast for your senses, and an invitation to immerse yourself fully in the moment.

All stalls accept card or food vouchers only. 

Food vouchers can be purchased with cash or card at the Info Hut and the Tropical hut.


Getting Here

Bus: The City to Glenelg bus takes ~30-40 minutes.

Tram: The Bay Tram runs regularly from Adelaide CBD, taking ~30 minutes from Victoria Square.

Car: There is street parking located on Jetty Rd, Maturin Rd, High St, Augusta St and Anzac Hwy.
Wilson Parking at The Beachouse and Hope Street, and other carparks on Elizabeth St, Partridge St and Marina Pier.

Our Vendors

Indian Street Corner was established year 2023 by a couple who have different backgrounds from each other. Rishi is an Indian and her wife Jean is a Filipina. Who both love to eat “Momos” and got inspired to create their own recipe of Momos and its special red chutney. Every dish is prepared by the couple with love and passion

Our signature dish for this event is the “Kurkure Momos” it is an Indian-style dumpling coated with cornflakes and deep fried until golden brown served with its own special sauce.

Easy-to-eat Vietnamese Street Food – We offer specialised Grilled Meats such as Lemongrass Chicken, Roast Pork Crackling, Grilled Pork, BBQ Pork and Tofu which you can add to your Noodle Salad Bowls or Fried Rice.

Complemented with our event favourites – assorted dumplings either steamed, pan-fried or deep fried + more

East West Eatery, Introducing our event-favourites: Vietnamese Dumplings, gently steamed, pan-fried until golden crisp or deep-fried for a delicate crunch. Our assortment of Pork, Chicken, Chicken Prawn Or Veggie dumplings, each complemented with your choice of sauce.

We create freshly made rolled ice cream which originated in Thailand.All our full menu are gluten-free and we also have vegan and dairy-free products. Our delicious signature dish is vanilla & strawberry. Our hut is number 10 (second from the entrance).

Vanilla cone $8 (gf)

Small size
Vanilla+passion fruit $12 (gf)
Vanilla vegan $12 (gf, dairy free, vegan)

Regular size $15
Strawberry (gf)
Chocolate. (gf)
Taro (gf)
Durian. (gf)
Coffee. (gf)
Vanilla+ Oreo (gf)

Family size $20
Vanilla+ strawberry (signature dish) (gf)

Our story begins in the heart of Katong, a neighbourhood renowned for its cultural vibrancy and culinary prowess. Our goal is to pay homage to the legacy of laksa—a dish that resonated with the very soul of Singaporean cuisine.

Drawing inspiration from the bustling streets and aromatic spices of Katong, our Laksa recipe has been passed down by my mother-in-law. The result is a bowl of Singapore Laksa that tells the story of a generation.

Every bowl of Singapore Laksa is a celebration of heritage—a nod to the hawker stalls that have lined the streets of Katong for years, where families and friends gather to share stories and laughter over a steaming bowl of this beloved dish. As we move forward, we carry this tradition with us, aiming to share the authentic taste of Singapore with the world.

Our Special Dessert; Black Rice with Coconut Milk (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

I’m Tuan, and I’m thrilled to be here at this fantastic event. As a proud Vietnamese, I’ve brought a delightful taste of Asian street food that’s both fun to eat and incredibly delicious.

Allow me to introduce you to my speciality: the Coin Waffle Cake: a crispy waffle with a golden-brown exterior, but the magic happens inside. You have the choice of a wholesome Mozzarella cheese pull, or perhaps you’d prefer the fragrant flavours of Pandan, the creamy richness of cream cheese, the comforting sweetness of custard, or the irresistible indulgence of Nutella.

Come on over to my stall, and let’s embark on a culinary adventure together. Whether you’re a cheese enthusiast, a dessert lover, or simply someone who appreciates good food, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

See you at the Hut 17 to “Coin-quer The Cheese” 🥞

🎉 Introducing our Showstopper: The Mozzarella Cheese Coin Waffle! 🎉

🧀 Imagine a golden-brown, coin-shaped waffle—crispy on the outside, tantalisingly soft on the inside. But wait, it gets better! Bursting forth from its heart is a molten treasure: delicious Mozzarella cheese. It’s hot, it’s creamy, and it’s ready for its grand entrance!

🔥 Cheese Pull Spectacle: Watch as we stretch that gooey Mozzarella like a cheesy magic trick. The cheese pull is not just a show; it’s an experience! 🧀✨

🌟 Why Choose Our Mozzarella Cheese Coin Waffle?

Savory meets Sweet: The perfect balance of flavours—savoury waffle meets ooey-gooey cheese.
Instagram-Worthy: Capture that cheese pull moment for your feed!
Fun for All Ages: Kids, adults, cheese enthusiasts—everyone’s invited to this cheesy party.
📍 Find us at the Hut 17 Coin-quer The Cheese . Come hungry, leave cheesy! 🧀🎶

Our Performers & Stage Schedule


Thursday, 15 Feb

Friday, 16 Feb

Saturday, 17 Feb

Sunday, 18 Feb

12:00pm-1:00pmLyle CandelariaTitus NgDouble Ds Double Ds 
1:00pm –
Mat-E-TricksTitus NgDouble Ds Double Ds 
2:00pm –

Thomas Crescitelli

5:00pm –
Sonia Smith  Folk games and activities with prizes to win Folk games and activities with prizes to winFolk games and activities with prizes to win
6:00pm –
Soloman GeorgeFolk games and activities with prizes to winGoonjMat-E-Tricks
6:45pm –
Yuki & Mates1. Adelindo
2. Z-Factor
3. Adelaide Chinese Community Art Group
Adelaide Chinese Community Art CentreAdelindo
7:30pm –
Adelaide Chinese Community Art CentreVIPs & Asia Oasis SpeechesSoloman GeorgeDorset Dave
8:00pm –
GoonjDEAR LUNADEAR LUNA1. Adelaide Chinese Community Art Group
2. Z-Factor
8:45pm –
Blazin BadenDEAR LUNADEAR LUNABlazin Baden
9:00pm –
Asia Oasis
DJ music and dance

Asia Oasis
DJ music and dance


1. Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, due to the council’s requirement, a site serving food, the well-being of all patrons and the risk to the public, we advise that no pets are allowed onsite except the Royal Society Dogs as guide dogs.

2. Is it BYO?

NO, the venue has its own food and drinks (including alcohol bars) and for the safety of all patrons, all of our food/beverage vendors have been checked and certified in food safety handling standards compliance so we only support and endorse food and drinks sold on site.

3. What happens if it rains on the event day?

Depending on the overall conditions of the site and the weather forecast at the time and throughout the event, we may close the site/programs temporarily for public safety and patrons’ well-being. We will monitor the overall conditions of the whole event and inform the public of what to expect when the time is near the festival.

4. Is there WIFI on site?

NO, there will not be free public Wi-Fi onsite however in an emergency if you need assistance with accessing our Wi-Fi network, please come to our Service Hut.

5. Can I bring my own chair and/or rug?

For the full experience of the ambience, we ask that patrons do no bring any of their own chairs or rugs as there will be sufficient bamboo and rattan chairs, stools & mats available throughout the site.

6. Can I promote other events or pass out flyers in or around the venue?

For the comfort, enjoyment and overall experience of our patrons, we ask that all flyers for other events must be approved by our management PRIOR to being made available for hand out at the site.

7. Is there a lost and found?

Yes, please direct all queries to our Service Hut.

8. What items are prohibited?

For the safety and enjoyment of our patrons, the below list is prohibited: weapons (including knives), narcotics/drugs, fireworks/explosives, pets (except for service animals), open flames, noise makers or anything that is classified as dangerous goods or substance by SafeWork SA or specified in the Act and Regulations of SA on these matters. 

9. Is there a cloak room?

Unfortunately, there will not be any space dedicated for cloakroom.

10. Is it smoke-free event?

Community support for smoke-free, safe, and healthy environments is very high and as a result, our event will be completely smoke-free.

11. Where are there toilets?

There are public toilets for use near the park

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