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Dear Luna, a captivating musical collective from Adelaide, comprises three talented Filipino artists: Gale, Clai, and Ivan. With diverse musical backgrounds, they craft emotional journeys inspired by sending letters to the moon. Proficient multi-instrumentalists, they evoke various moods, from summer warmth to soul tranquillity. Their performances blend original compositions with unique renditions of popular songs, infusing each with emotional depth. Beyond musicianship, they explore diverse creative mediums, promising an extraordinary musical odyssey.

Let Dear Luna take you to the moon and back. 🌕✨

Gale | Lead Vocalist, Ukulele, Banjolele, Guitar
Clai | Drums, Djembe, Cajon, Kulintang, Bamboo flute, Jaw harp, Back vox
Ivan | Vocalist, Lead guitar, Piano/keyboards, Sfx sounds

Catch DEAR LUNA’S performance at Asia Street Food By the Sea on 
Friday the 16th & Saturday the 17th at 8 pm!