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Q&A on Asia Street Food Festival
You probably have been wondering whether you can bring your pet to our festival, or your own chair, or...
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Watch out for another scam against Asia Oasis
Good afternoon everyone, The Asia Oasis Team has just found out today that our Asia Street Food Festival...
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Let's dance with ABK Crew!
Rehearsal for Asia Oasis Festival. Adelaideans, are you looking forward to meeting a young, energetic,...
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photo_2022-10-27 13.52
28 posts of Hoi An's 12 lanterns on Torrens Footbridge
A reason to be buzzing! Adelaideans, it’s becoming so real seeing these lanterns with our...
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Watch out for scam against Asia Oasis
This morning Asia Oasis was notified by our partners that they “have been selected as the winner of my...
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Volunteer to contribute and learn meaningfully
Are you looking for some meaningful ways to contribute and learn along the way? If you would like to...
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