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Watch out for another scam against Asia Oasis

Good afternoon everyone,

The Asia Oasis Team has just found out today that our Asia Street Food Festival event has been published by Music and Festival King on their Event page. The link is

Music and Festival King claims to be the host of this online event with almost the exact content and description as that of Asia Oasis.

We would like to inform the general public that Music and Festival King is not related or connected to our Festival in any way.

Our Festival is held at a physical location, Pinky Flat, North Adelaide from 5pm till late over 3 nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from 16 to 18 December 2022.

The details on this event page are not correct.

It’s NOT an online event.

We also found out that some of our vendors and followers happened to have liked or followed this event page without realising that it is not a genuine, official post by Asia Oasis.

This is the second time another entity has claimed to be hosting Asia Oasis Festival. The first time, on 10 October 2022, was to scam for financial gain. Three weeks later, the purpose this time is unclear.

Whatever the reasons behind it, Music and Festival King has never contacted or consulted with Asia Oasis before posting such false information on their page.

Please note that Asia Oasis is the only official and exclusive host for this Festival.

Please take extra care to check our official account, content, status, or any suspicious request before taking any action. Take note of the “Event by” section for details of the organiser.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via; or go to our website and click on Contact:

Thank you for your understanding and support. Please share this information widely with your network and community to stop these false claims or mischievous scams.

Yours sincerely

Asia Oasis Management

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