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Q&A on Asia Street Food Festival

You probably have been wondering whether you can bring your pet to our festival, or your own chair, or whether you can smoke in this environment. Here are some of the common questions and answers. If you have other questions beside these, please do not hesitate to contact us at

1. Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, due to the council’s requirement, site serving food, well-being of all patrons and the risk to the public, we advise that no pets are allowed onsite except the Royal Society Dogs as guide dogs.

2. Is it BYO?

NO, the venue has its own food and drinks (including alcohol bars) and for the safety of all patrons, all of our food/beverage vendors have been checked and certified in food safety handling standards compliance so we only support and endorse food and drinks sold on site.

3. What happens if it rains on the event day?

Depending on the overall conditions of the site and the weather forecast at the time and throughout the event, we may close the site/programs temporarily for public safety and patrons’ well-being. We will monitor the overall conditions of the whole event and inform the public of what to expect when the time is near the festival.

4. Is there WIFI on site?

NO, there will not be free public Wi-Fi onsite however in an emergency if you need assistance with accessing our Wi-Fi network, please come to our Service Hut.

5. Can I bring my own chair and/or rug?

For the full experience of the ambience, we ask that patrons do no bring any of their own chairs or rugs as there will be sufficient bamboo and rattan chairs, stools & mats available throughout the site.

6. Can I promote other events or pass out flyers in or around the venue?

For the comfort, enjoyment and overall experience of our patrons, we ask that all flyers for other events must be approved by our management PRIOR to being made available for hand out at the site.

7. Is there a lost and found?

Yes, please direct all queries to our Service Hut.

8. What items are prohibited?

For the safety and enjoyment of our patrons, the below list is prohibited: weapons (including knives), narcotics/drugs, fireworks/explosives, pets (except for service animals), open flames, noise makers or anything that is classified as dangerous goods or substance by SafeWork SA or specified in the Act and Regulations of SA on these matters. 

9. Is there a cloak room?

Unfortunately, there will not be any space dedicated for cloakroom.

10. Is it smoke-free event?

Community support for smoke-free, safe, and healthy environments is very high and as a result, our event will be completely smoke-free.

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