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Watch out for scam against Asia Oasis

This morning Asia Oasis was notified by our partners that they “have been selected as the winner of my giveaway event” from a personal Facebook account named “Asia’Oasis”:

If you happen to provide any banking details, please report it to your financial service organisations right away and request them to stop all transactions immediately.

Scams are widespread now. Acording to Scam Watch, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, there were 146,776 reported scams resulted in $381,256,046 loss of money in 2022 (up to now). There were 28,697 reports of scam on social media and email alone with a total loss of $51,579,359. 

Scammers will take every opportunity to use the details you provided to try to misuse your identity and steal any money you have in your bank account. For more information on this, please read

Please take some time to report this scammer to Facebook and Scam Watch so they can track, stop and bring those scammers to justice.

With all Asia Oasis’s prize-winning activities, please note that if you are the true winner, we will:

1. Make an official announcement on our Website and Facebook account so that you know it is genuine, not scamming.

2. Ask you to make contact with our official contact details (email, phone or website etc) instead of us making contact with you.

3. Not ask for your bank account details

With the Registration to win prizes announced on 21 September 2022, please note that the registration is still open for everyone until 30 November 2022. After this deadline, we will use a system to randomly draw numbers and announce the winners before the Festival with the method described above. The winners can only claim these prizes in person at the Festival. Asia Oasis will not ask for your bank account details in any way.

Please take extra care to check our official account, content, status, or any suspicious request before taking any action. This morning the scammer used our logo to make them look genuine, which is a common identity fraud for most scams.

If you have any queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us via; or go to our website and click on Contact:

Thank you for your understanding and support to Asia Oasis, and please share this information widely with your network and community to stop these horrible scams.

Yours sincerely

Asia Oasis Management

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