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In search for true partnerships

In search for true partnerships

In search for true partnerships

On Saturday afternoon, 28 May 2022, the Asia Oasis Team had the pleasure of hosting the Info Session after nearly 6 weeks since announcing the first round of partners intake for the Asia Street Food Festival. It was a great turnout with almost 100% attendance by vendors, performers, volunteers, and the Asia Oasis team from Melbourne.

This Info Session was a part of the selection process of the first round of announcements, where the critical terms, conditions, and obligations were explained with the focus on achieving genuinely dedicated and passionate partners. The ultimate aspiration of the Asia Oasis team is to bring Asia’s cultural experience to Australia in its authentic form through delicious food, arts, and music.

To achieve this, the Asia Oasis Team stressed the importance of true partnership as being most critical and Asian cultures are very much connected to food, making food the true expression of love and care for one another. And when food is cooked with love and with this intention in mind, food is deliciously enjoyed and shared by the wider community.

The next stage will be the Tasting Session to be held in mid-June 2022. The Asia Oasis Team would like to thank potential partners for their time attending this session and look forward to welcoming you on this journey.

For those who missed out on the opportunity to join us, please keep an eye out for the second intake of partners in July.

The Asia Oasis Team
Adelaide, 30 May 2022