asia oasis

First Tasting Session with Asia Oasis

What a night!

A night full of Asian food flavours and collective energy… our Tasting Session was soooo much fun and enjoyable.

Despite the stress of feeling like you were all competing in the “Master chef”, it was more than what the Asia Oasis team had anticipated in terms of quality, food variety and the bond created amongst the group.

Featuring award-winning dishes to old traditional dishes with fascinating background stories & history, and with the tight time schedules, nevertheless, we were very impressed with the end results and couldn’t be happier.

Most importantly, it was great to see the group’s dynamic and collective team spirit through lending a hand to each other in preparing the dishes above and beyond reasonable expectations. We were so touched by the help of these non-cooking team members without any fuss or hassles. We’re so sure you know who you are 😉 so “OUR SINCERE THANK YOU” to you all. This spirit is essential and hard to find anywhere.

The energy was amazing!

We felt that you all knew each other well before the night’s end, which does not happen usually.

Although going overtime, all teams were so patient and supportive to each other until the conclusion of the evening, which made us thoroughly enjoy hosting you all.

We were so well fed that we were almost full, not even halfway through the evening. There was so much food. Glorious and delicious food that by the end of the night, the only accurate description would be that it almost felt like the festive feeding of an actual Festival event already!

Thank you all for making the evening so memorable. We enjoyed your company and hosting you all. You will hear from our management shortly with further updates and details.

For those who can’t wait to join us, our second intake is just opened now by clicking the below link. The Tasting Session for this round would be towards the end of July.

If you are interested or know someone who is really interested in showcasing their very unique and delicious Asian dishes that must be shared with Adelaideans, please get in touch with us.

We thank you all for your support.

Please follow us to keep up with the progress and development between now and December.